K. M. Langdon

Even as a young girl growing up in Southern Ontario, K. M. Langdon aspired to be a writer with something to say. From childhood, she’d write short stories about interesting events or heartbreaking injustices she saw or read about. She used writing to explore events or situations that impacted her emotionally, whether it be about her horror when learning about cases of animal abuse or the comically real perils of living and working with a phobia of public speaking.

Meet K. M. Langdon

During her undergraduate degree at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Langdon focused her studies on history and philosophy, and spent one summer on exchange in Ireland studying creative writing. 

"History classes were like story time to me and called for a certain level of empathy for the subjects, but also required that I gain an understanding of economics, philosophy, law, and many other disciplines to understand the impact of that situation and its place in history. My philosophy classes were a great complement to my major because it pushed me to think more critically, ask questions, and formulate an argument and opinion based in fact, but also including my personal experience. Both sets of classes taught me about bias and how bias is in every retelling of every story, and everyone is always persuading someone else of something, even when we’re telling stories about our own personal memories. Looking at that perspective as the basis of human interaction and understanding it as a key point in the making of history fascinates me, and is ultimately what led me to pursue my Master’s degree in Rhetoric,” she says.

Following her undergraduate studies, K. M. Langdon moved to San Diego to earn her M. A. in Rhetoric and Writing Studies from San Diego State University, which was the perfect culmination of her love for writing and her interest in how writers and orators use their words to persuade. It was here that she returned to her passion for writing fiction and started to toy with ideas for her first novel.

Since starting her career in the corporate world, K. M. Langdon has continued to write stories to fulfill her passion for storytelling and her desire to explore realities different than her own. “People are so fascinating when you really listen to them. Everyone lives in their own realities created by their personal situations, experiences, and biases. But, at the end of the day, we are all similar. We all have feelings, we all experience successes and hardships, and we all have a story to tell. And that’s what I love to write about. I like digging into the rawest part of human emotions and crafting my stories from a place of honest truths because, regardless of the story, those emotions are what connect us as living beings.”

While she continued to hone her writing skills in her spare time, it wasn’t until Langdon suffered a severe concussion as a result of a horseback riding accident that she sat down to finish the novel she had started while living in San Diego. Armed with a typewriter, earplugs, and sunglasses in a dark room, K. M. Langdon set out to write the final draft of ‘Unsealed.’ Unable to work for longer than twenty minutes at a time when she started, she kept writing throughout her recovery until the story brewing in her head was told. “I couldn’t work, I couldn’t be active, I couldn’t visit with friends… So I thought to myself, ‘What better time is there to finally write this book?’ This book kept me moving forward throughout my recovery and has definitely been the silver lining of that experience.”

Langdon resides in Toronto with her rescue dog, Sully, and spends most of her spare time at her family cottage, hiking, paddle boarding, and has recently returned to the saddle.