Soulmates. Are these the people we're meant to be with forever, or are these the people destined to change our lives forever?


Kara Edwards and Liam Sundry each moved to San Diego from very different places for very different reasons. Kara, a pretty girl in her twenties from Canada who moved to San Diego for school, and Liam, a handsome and charming Navy SEAL candidate from Tennessee, would have seemed like an unlikely couple on paper.  But, in reality, they found each other to be exactly the partner they didn’t know they were looking for. What started out as a fairytale romance soon became tumultuous as Liam struggled to suppress some long-buried, and increasingly strong, thoughts and desires. Despite his attempts to ignore the storm brewing within him, Liam, and consequently Kara, are forced to make decisions that thrust them into situations they never imagined.


Promising to never leave the other’s side, the depths of the couple’s love undergoes test after test as Liam reveals his oldest secret – one that he never expected to tell anyone.


Unsealed is a story about love and loss, true friendship, the constant process of self-discovery and, ultimately, acceptance. Inspired by true events, it looks at the value of empathy and reminds readers that there are two sides to every story.



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